Thursday, January 20, 2011

Handmade lampwork beads by Darlene Shaw

Many people have been coming to our bead (Graft Unlimited, the spot for beads and more) store asking for Pandora style beads and that request has been fulfilled in the form of Baci beads.  Through joining teams on Etsy (CAST team, CAPS team, BURGH team) I've had the honor to be in contact with many wonderful artists from all over this wonderful world God has placed us in.

I 'met' Darlene Shaw after joining the Burgh team on Etsy.  The Burgh team is comprised of Etsians who live in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas (all the nearby 'burgs').  Darlene creates beautiful lampwork beads and sells them in her Etsy shop.  Check out her shop here  Darlene contacted me shortly after I joined the Burgh team and asked if I would like to carry her beads in my shop.  My response was:  most definitely!  These beads are gorgeous!
I am so pleased to have Darlene's beads in the store!  Thank you for stopping by and seeing her gorgeous creations!

Be blessed today and always!


  1. Tricia - the beads are stunning! I am almost tempted to start collecting beads. I am already an AVID collector of ephemera - Where would I find the room? :o)

  2. I wish I were close enough to visit your store - These beads are very interesting.