Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blue Aventurine, hematite and glass necklace by CreationsbyTricia

Here is an awesome gemstone necklace and earring set I created just last week.  I haven't yet decided if I am going to list this one Etsy.  I think I am going to display it in the bead shop for now. 

I started the necklace with the glass, top drilled, tear drop shaped beads and the blue aventurine.  I really liked the way it was looking but it just seemed like way too much in the blue department.  I found some 5mm hematite rounds in my stash and when placed next to and in between the glass and blue aventurine, I was really pleased.  At first I was just going to string it on one strand because I didn't have enough of any of the beads to make it 2 strand all the way around. 

After staring at the necklace for a day trying to figure how I was going to finish the piece, I again went to my stash.  Wallah...I found these teeny tiny seed beads (I believe they are 15/0) in two different shades of blue.  I had an ahah moment and varigated the two colors of blue and finished off with a unique and different toggle clasp in sterling silver.

Blue is not one of my favorite colors, but I really like this piece.  What do you think?  I love to hear (see) opinions, constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Have a fabulous day!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baci bead wrong turn

I ordered Baci beads on the 8th of this month and they are still not here at the store.  UGH....I put calls in to my rep and found out that UPS apparently tried to deliver the package 2 times and decided to reject delivery to the store address.  After speaking to my rep, and not understanding why this company did not call me after the package was returned the first time, I found out there was an input error to the delivery address.

They had the store address as 127 E. Fayette street, (the correct address being 127 W. Fayette).  Hopefully that has been corrected and I will have Baci beads in the store on Monday.

Baci beads are a large hole bead that is very similiar to a Pandora bead.  I have had many requests here for Pandora beads, but even at wholesale prices, they were way to costly for this bead store.  After lots of research, and a very nice salesman visiting the store, we took the plunge and ordered a supply of Baci beads, and bracelets. 

Hopefully there are no more wrong turns for the order of Baci beads to the store.  I am looking forward to seeing, feeling and touching them.  Maybe even put some bracelets together in 'Pittsburgh colors' of black and gold.

Happy beading!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tiger's eye, Black onyx and African striped agate by CreationsbyTricia

Tiger's eye, black onyx and african striped agate make up the beaded chain to capture the beauty of this pendant.  I tried to capture the beauty of the pendant in a picture, but just couldn't do it much justice.

This pendant truly captivated me.  I wanted to create a beaded chain to do justice to this gorgeous pendant.  I just listed the necklace and earring set at my Etsy shop.  To check it out there go to http://www.creationsbytricia.etsy.com/

It took me a couple weeks to design a necklace around this pendant, funny thing is I am not even sure what the stone is in this pendant.  I just knew I had to come up with something simple, yet elegant. I received this in a 'grab box' from one of my bead store's suppliers, so it was not labeled, hence not knowing the actual stone's name.  If you have any idea from the picture what stone it is, I would absolutely love to know.  You can comment or leave me an email if you have an idea.

Here is a picture of what I came up with after drooling over the pendant for a couple weeks.  Let me know what you think about it.  I used Tiger's eye rondelles, 4mm black onyx rounds, 6mm African striped agate, and gave it some polish with Sterling silver spacer beads.  I would love to hear your opinions, just leave a comment.

And here is one more picture with a different color background.

Thanks for all comments, constructive criticism and opinions, I appreciate.

Enjoy Tiger's eye, black onyx and African striped agate by CreationsbyTricia.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome to CreationsbyTricia's blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I will start by introducing myself:  I am Tricia Graft, jewelry designer, bead store owner and teacher of everything beady.  I have been creating jewelry for a few years now and am learning new things daily.  I have recently started 'playing' with wire and have some wonderful wireworked pieces of beaded jewelry.

This has been a year of change for me and mine.  After getting discouraged by ordering my beads and supply online not just once, but 2 times, my husband and I decided we need a bead store in this here town of ours.  So in April of this year we did just that and opened up a bead store in Uniontown, PA.  Check out our website at http://www.graftunlimited.com/.  At our store we carry semi precious gemstone, glass, and pearl beads; I teach basic beading classes, and of course I create new jewelry pieces daily.  I also take items from local artists in the area on consignment, and sell lots of unique, one of a kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

Recently I opened a shop at etsy.com, and this blog is to promote both my work and our recently opened bead store.  I will include pictures of what I am working on, finished pieces and sets, and sometimes even beads that have been ordered/received at our store. 

This blog is an open forum and I welcome any comments, questions, constructive criticism, compliments et at.  When I've uploaded new listings on etsy.com I will 'blog' it too.  Check out my etsy shop at http://www.creationsbytricia.etsy.com/ and let me know what you think. 

Have a fabulous day!