Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Encouragement for the Discouraged

Whew, is it really already December 1?  This year of change sure has gone way too quick for me.  All this change can be a bit overwhelming at times, and sometimes it can really get to you.  I am generally not a negative soul, but yesterday discouragement really set in hard, and I was nearly in tears. (Yikes!!  that is definitely NOT me)  But God is certainly good and He has a plan for me.

After being near tears yesterday, I posted in my team's forum on Etsy to please pray for me.  I received lots of encouragement from my fellow sisters and brothers and it definitely helped to stall the discouragment I was feeling.  This morning I received even more encouragement as I was reading my Bible and devotions.  Here's the statement I read by Max Lucado, and ohh how true this is:

 ' Though the road to the palace takes a detour through the prison, it eventually ends up at the throne.'

This statement is so true, even through the detours of this life, God is always there.  It is so amazing how God loves us!  I received even more encouragement this morning when I opened up my Etsy account thru another sister who 'convoed' me with words of encouragement.  I am truly blessed.

When flesh gets in my way, I have to remember a saying I've used quite often: 'if God brings you to it, He WILL get you thru it' whatever it may be. 

I know in my heart and soul God gave me the ability and talent to make and create jewelry.  I know in my heart and soul God told me to open this bead shop in Uniontown, PA.  I know in my heart and soul God led me to the Etsy site.  And I know in my heart and soul He led me to the teams I have joined there for encouragement. 

Take a look at this wonderful artwork in one of my teammate's shops.   I would like to use to say thank you to all who blessed me with encouragement, by using a beautiful thank you card I found there.

You can find beautiful note cards, Christmas cards and more in Phyllis's shop.

Phyllis' work is absolutely gorgeous, check out her shop and see her beautiful artwork in cards.

I pray everyone has a fabulous day today!
Be blessed!



  1. Be sure and collect e-mail addresses of your shop customers so you can e-mail specials and class info to them!

  2. You have encouraged me to start sending out Christmas cards. Receiving them are such a joy.


  3. Sometimes our discouragement is God's way to show you another direction, or a window of opportunity..or just to turn to Him for His wonderful comfort and Loving arms...Joy

  4. God has a way of reminding us the love of others. When we are down, there are those to lift us up.

  5. Tricia, When God is in control, you can't go wrong! Lovely Post

  6. Tricia - It is hard sometimes... that is why God gives us this wonderful body of Christ to hold us up when we feel we can't stand anymore! Thanks for featuring my card!!

  7. It's good we can support each other through Christ. That's what he wanted. Praying you have a blessed Christmas. Your CAPS teammate, Sylvia
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