Friday, December 10, 2010

Presents that Pamper

Do you like to be pampered?  Even better:  do you like to receive presents that pamper?  I believe these can be the best type of presents to give and receive.  Take a look at some of the items I am featuring today.  All items are from Etsy shops who are also members of teams I also am a member of.  The teams are CASTteam (Christian Artist Street Team), CAPSteam, (Christian Artists Promoting Shops), and the Burghteam (Pittsburgh and surrounding areas).

Enjoy and be pampered!

From the CASTteam:

Dead Sea Bath Salts from LusciousLather's shop.

Visit her shop on Etsy:

From the CAPSteam, a wonderful bath 'candle'.  Check out topc's shop for more unique and pampering gifts.

From the Burghteam, something to pamper the man in your life from SugarSugarScrub's shop.

Visit SugarSugarScrub's shop to find more pampering presents for yourself or even for the man in your life.

From the CASTteam:  want to feel like you are at a spa in your bathtub?  Check out the bath tea's from baghdadbum's shop.

Joe has some wonderful and fantastic smelling products, some even work in the shower!

Pamper yourself by going to

From the CAPSteam:

Bath Salts with Dried Rose Petals and Herbs from whatshername's shop.

Visit whatshername's shop to find even more pampering uniquely crafted items.

Have a wonderfully pampered day today!


  1. Love all of these fabulous goodies! What great ideas for Christmas gifts! Thank you for including my Bath Salts! ♥

  2. I love all the pampering items! I have been using Lucious Lather's items for a while now. They are fantastic.
    Joe's items are great also.