Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baci bead wrong turn

I ordered Baci beads on the 8th of this month and they are still not here at the store.  UGH....I put calls in to my rep and found out that UPS apparently tried to deliver the package 2 times and decided to reject delivery to the store address.  After speaking to my rep, and not understanding why this company did not call me after the package was returned the first time, I found out there was an input error to the delivery address.

They had the store address as 127 E. Fayette street, (the correct address being 127 W. Fayette).  Hopefully that has been corrected and I will have Baci beads in the store on Monday.

Baci beads are a large hole bead that is very similiar to a Pandora bead.  I have had many requests here for Pandora beads, but even at wholesale prices, they were way to costly for this bead store.  After lots of research, and a very nice salesman visiting the store, we took the plunge and ordered a supply of Baci beads, and bracelets. 

Hopefully there are no more wrong turns for the order of Baci beads to the store.  I am looking forward to seeing, feeling and touching them.  Maybe even put some bracelets together in 'Pittsburgh colors' of black and gold.

Happy beading!

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