Friday, November 5, 2010


     I am learning so much about Etsy, it is just amazing.  You can read thru the forum threads and find the answer to just about any question.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for, post a new thread and it is guaranteed there will be many Etsians to help out and give support and answers.  I am so awed by it all beings a newbie on Etsy. 

     As I was searching thru the forums yesterday looking for an answer to one of the many questions that have run thru my brain since I started this Etsy adventure, I found another team I will be joining.  It is amazing what God brings to you even when you are not looking.  The CAST team is very supportive of their team, they have prayer lists in their forum threads, they promote their fellow team members, and from what I have read there is no negativity in the threads.  Absolutely awesome!! 

A group of Christian Artists and Artisans who believe Etsy is a great place to buy and sell handcrafted, family friendly items. We only ask that all of the items in your shop are "Family-Friendly". No adult content, profanity, nudity, etc.)

There are no requirements other than a willingness to acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Savior. If you'd like to pop in and say hello, or ask some questions in a positive and supportive manner, we'd love to have you.

This is the original post of the thread I started reading yesterday, this alone created a desire within me to join this team, as I read thru the posts I was/am very encouraged. 

As I have been reading the forum for answers to my questions, I have noticed an overwhelming negative flow to many of the posts and was getting a bit discouraged.  Sure there are changes taking place on the Etsy site, life is all about change, but we shouldn't let that change negatively affect us.  You should always look at the positive side of things, it is a choice!

I am excited that God showed this team to me.  I am no longer discouraged but ENCOURAGED to be joining a team of like minded brothers and sisters in Christ!



  1. I am so grateful that the Lord led you to our thread, Tricia. Please come in and fellowship anytime!


  2. yeah I'm actually posting in some of those negative threads about the changes, but it's really nice to have the CAST thread to get some positivity as well.

  3. You stumbled on a safe place, Tricia. Glad to have you.