Monday, November 1, 2010

Rubies and Apatite

This past Friday I was blessed with some amazing ruby and apatite beads.  Just for helping someone out with a ride to Pittsburgh.  Amazing how God works and blesses when we are obedient. 

All we (Pete and I) did was agree to help a gentleman out by giving him a ride to the airport so he could be with his family.

The beads he gave me are absolutely awesome!  After doing some research on Burmese rubies, I found out what these beads cost, and all I can say is WOW!!  After looking around in my own stash and not finding anything that would work well together with these beads, I decided to use just the 2 stones, rubies and apatite, with sterling silver findings.

The apatite beads are also very fine beads.  Researching apatite, I found it too is a wonderful quality stone.  It can be mistaken for topaz, tourmaline and a few other stones out there.  Hence the apatite name's origins being from the greek word to deceive.   

Still working out the detail with the first necklace as you can see.  I like the effect of the rubies and apatite together, but I think there needs to be more sterling in the mix. 

My designs are never drawn out on paper, I do better designs when I start by just putting things together, so the process sometimes involves stringing and restringing and then restringing again until it looks right in my eyes.  Have an opinion on the 'unfinished' piece pictured below?  I welcome your comments, criticism and opinion.  ALL are most definitely welcome.  When I do get this piece finished I will be sure to post it!

Have a wonderful day!

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